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I'm an actor, writer, accent coach and theatre teacher who started my career in New York City before returning to my native California. My first role was as the Candyman, in the play of the same name, written by a 5th grade teacher, Mr. McMullen. (I still have the candy stripped cane I used while dancing a soft shoe across the stage. A talisman of sorts). On opening night I discovered I wanted to act for the rest of my life. The rest is...well, the rest of my life.



Dan Wackerman, Off-Broadway director interview; Pecadillo Theatre Co. 

"Matthew is the best actor I have ever worked with. He has such an arsenal. He's the best thing I've ever seen on our stage."

Philadelphia Inquirer review of
Private Lives at
Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

"Well-traveled Broadway actor Matthew Floyd Miller is gifted with most of Coward's Comic zingers."

Broadwayworld.com review of 
Stupid Fucking Bird at the Theatre@Boston Court

"Matthew Floyd Miller as the celebrated author Doyle Trigorin, persuasively gives off the appropriate air of an accomplished writer who somehow hasn't sold himself out."

Robbie Wachs - Broadwayworld.com
Review of The Pillowman at ACT Theatre, Seattle

"Matthew Floyd Miller gives an impressive performance in one of modern theatre's most difficult roles.  Miller's Katurian is flawed, questioning, focused, and impulsive in his search for artistic integrity.  He is able to add a palpable layer of mystery throughout, never fully revealing if he is protagonist or antagonist.  Miller draws us into Katurian's troubled mind while keeping us at a healthy distance to observe."


"…a magnificent, groundbreaking performance."

Steven Winn- San Francisco Chronicle.
Review for Desire Under the Elms
at San Jose Repertory Theater

"Miller gives an unnervingly good performance. Comfortably at home with O’Neill’s idiomatic rural accent, he’s got the restless, edgy air of a younger brother who’s always had to fight a little bit harder. There’s something both virile and boyish about his slim-hipped swagger. His head lifts proudly whenever he mentions his mother."

Review of Macbeth
at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre

"Matthew Floyd Miller deserves a whole paragraph all to himself praising his comedic timing and for providing a much-required respite from the tension building in the rafters. Traditionally, the Porter has been used as a tool to reset the acceleration of events, but ne’er have I seen one that, through tongue-and-cheek audience interaction, manages to invite us inside the abode of the Thane of Cawdor, baiting us into believing that the morning only brings echoes of last night’s mirth."

Risa Bramon Garcia & Jami Rudofsky,
casting directors

"We want to acknowledge the incredible work done by your client Matthew Floyd Miller in his ‘Masters of Sex’ auditions. His extraordinary work has been equally appreciated by the producers, directors and writers."




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